Q & A

Q & A

Q: What is Miami Local Businesses? is owned by, LLC and is a Wholesale Brand-Name Merchandise site. Our company name is, LLC. a Florida Limited Liability Company.

Q: What Miami Local Business Wholesale Deals is offering?

We carry merchandise from "Closeouts, Returns & Overstocks" from major department stores. Our merchandise consists of a perfect balance to suit everybody's needs. Our products sell great in any economy.


Apparel, Automotive, Baby Products, Seasonal Goods, Electronics, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Home Decor, Household, Tools, Sporting Goods, Paper Products, Jewelry, Toys, General Merchandise, Hardware, Watches, Gift Items, Office/School Supplies, TV'S and Christmas General.

Q: How do we manage the merchandise?

We purchase the product directly from the source, and from their warehouses the merchandise goes directly to you, our customer.

Q: How do we handle payments?

Miami Local  accepts payment by bank wire transfer and credit card. All purchases will require payment before merchandise is shipped. A shipping charge will be added to all orders. All sale transactions must be conducted directly with our Company ", LLC", Miami, FL office. Wire Information: Your wire transfer will be made directly to, LLC. Wiring information will be provided to the buyer via email.

Q: Why is so important to get setup?

We ask our customers to get setup for several reasons. It's to have you as our registered customer mainly for financial transaction purposes. Registered customers can ask for specific loads, from specific stores or specific merchandise. We can contact the liquidators of Department Stores to find the merchandise you are looking for. We cannot purchase every load available on the market even if wanted to. It requires a lot of warehouse space and capital. For example: Registered customers can request to acquire all the loads coming from WM New York, or all AC units, etc. When we find the load you want and you agree with prices and quantity, than we submit the offer to purchase the load for you. Once our customer has established a record with us, we can increase the margin of trust and speed on any particular transaction.

Q: Do we charge sales tax?

YES. There is a 7.0% Sales Tax charge on every order. All orders shipped to a Florida Address must pay 7.0% Florida Sales Tax unless you have a valid Florida Tax ID and Annual Resale Certificate. Please fax us your updated Tax ID and Resale certificate at the beginning of each Calendar year. This is required by the Florida Department of Revenue. If the sale is exempt from sales tax because of export or other reasons, the buyer must furnish adequate documentation.

Uniform Resale Certificate (Multi jurisdiction)


Q: How do we charge for shipping (Carrier or Freight forward).

Our customers don't need to worry about which shipping carrier to use. We arrange and manage shipping using our contracted carriers. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs including duties and taxes for international shipments. All cargo is protected under the carrier cargo insurance. Once payment has been collected, we will book the shipment of the merchandise and notify the customer as to when to expect the merchandise. Merchandise Pick-up normally occurs 2 business days after the customer's payment has been collected. All items are shipped by truck or ground service unless specified otherwise. We also assist our customers with Shipping and Logistics. Crowley can handle your shipment – regardless of size, point of origin or destination. Crowley ship to the Caribbean, Central America, Mariel, Cuba, etc. Click here to see a list of International ports.

Q: Shipping Damages.

Loads that are damaged through the negligence of the shipping company (Freight Forwarders, Steamships/ETC.) customers must report the damages to that shipping company within 24 hours after receiving order. If not customer could be held liable for all damages acquired through shipping. Please remember do not discard any portion of the packaging material. The shipper will send a representative to inspect the load and its contents. Always remember to personally inspect all packages prior to signing acceptance of shipment. Failure to do so can hold you liable for damages during transit. We have a not RETURN policy. All cargo is protected under the carrier cargo insurance.

Q: How do we invoice our customers?

The total amount of the transaction will be added in a uniform order:

a). The cost of the project (Deal - Load).
b). Sales tax (If applicable).
c). Carrier charged (If applicable).

We accept Credit Card Payment up to $5,000.00
We accept Bank Wire on any mount over $300.00
The invoice will show both options. Credit Card Payment and Bank Wire Information.

It is the customer’s responsibility to retain any and all invoices for their record and warranty claims. We will not provide any copies of invoices after 1 calender month.

There is a tremendous opportunity right now to get involved in the discount business. You could start small, purchasing just a few pallets at a time and then selling the heavily discounted products at a flea market, tent sale, yard sale, auction, discount store, eBay, pawn shops,, Sears, etc