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Learn how you can take advantage of Department Store Merchandise from "Closeouts - Overstocks and Returns". 

Instantly add brand name products to your inventory when and where you need it.

Miami Local operates both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer web sites that feature deeply discounted secondary product.


We want our customers to make money! 
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Profit potential.

The lower sourcing cost for returns allows discount sellers to price items to move and still earn 20%+ profit.“If you price items 50% lower than the retail price for the same item, your customers will pay attention".

“Returns allow you to do this and still make money.”

Lower cash investment.

Up to three times lower than buying new. That reduces the risk for buyers who don’t have big cash reserves. “Even with closeouts, all liquidation sales are final. You could invest $20,000 in a sub-par lot that could severely impact cash flow.”

Steady supply.

According to the National Retail Federation, close to 9% of products sold at retail are returned. That translates into a regular flow of returns into the liquidation market. Buyers want to spend less time sourcing and more time selling. Having a predictable, regular flow of inventory helps.

Wide variety.

From books to bathroom fixtures, if it’s sold at retail, we go the extra mile to sell it here to. The larger the inventory, the more product variety we can provide our customers with. As a discount store owner you'll need repeat business from the same customers. If you can’t show them something new, why should they come back?”

Products that people want.

If a product was returned, it means that it was bought. Someone wanted it. Closeouts are often the result of poor market demand. Sure, secondary market shoppers want bargains, but if the item is a lime green dress shirt that was a dud in the department store, it will be a dud in the secondary market.

How to buy from us?

First you want to get setup. Getting setup will save time when making an order. Companies or individuals should get setup. Send your Sales Tax Certificate.

To order you simply click on place an order tab, enter the information of your order in the form. We will send you an invoice with bank wire information or credit card payment. If we don't have your sales tax certificate on file, a sales tax of 7% will be charged. Fax in your tax certificate.

We accept Credit Card Payment up to $5,000.00
We accept Bank Wire on any mount over $300.00.
The invoice will show both options. Credit Card Payment and Bank Wire Information.

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