Friday, July 29, 2016

Quick and easy electronic selling items #414132

Quick and easy electronic selling items #414132

Audio visual products from one of Canada's largest retailers. 

Examples of merchandise may include headphones, computer, tablet or phone cases, chargers, adapters, HDMI cables, computer mouse, audio speakers, stereo units and other general misc. AV items. 

This product constitutes uninspected returns. 

Please see manifest below for specific product in this lot. 

These goods were either returned to the retailer or consist of overstock or floor sample items. 

Top reasons for customer returns include wrong size, customer changed their mind, product didn't match the description, the customer ordered the wrong product, the customer ordered more product than they needed or, in some instances, the product simply did not work. 

The anatomy of a Returns lot also includes goods that are new and returned, that were one time use (TV returned after a big sporting event), and product that has a cosmetic issue (small nick or scratch). 

Liquidation goods are sold "as-is, where-is" as we do not guarantee the condition of the product. 

Because of this, you are able to buy these goods at a fraction of the retail cost.

RETAIL VALUE: $24,129.52

UNITS: 840 / 1 Pallet / Customer Returns

YOUR COST: $5,791.08

FOB: Brampton, ON-10281